Eat Dust

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Punk rock and skateboarding were born from the passions and authenticity of their early denizens, literally forged in the blood, sweat, and tears of the first wave. Joey Ramone once famously said, “all punk is, is attitude” and that’s the mindset Rob Harmsen and Keith Hioco used to found Eat Dust in 2010 in Belgium: attitude over all.

The Antwerp-based duo were raised on the DIY and nonconformist ethos that influenced those essential countercultural movements, and have tried to instill the “look out for for your fellow punk” mindset into what they create. That means a clothing brand that transcends any one genre, borrowing styles from subcultures like moto, Americana, Western and–of course–punk rock, while rebelling against the hideous practices of the fashion industry both Harmsen and Hioco experienced while working for corporate brands and independent high-fashion houses.

The end result is a clothing brand as original as the individuals who wear it. One meant for both campfires and stage-dives. A brand designed for scraped elbows, muffler burns and dirt-stained dusty sunsets. Constructed for long days on the trail that turn into long nights at dimly lit dive bars, and produced in an ethical fashion, top-to-bottom. You can rest assured when you slip on a piece from Eat Dust, it was responsibly sourced, the designers and manufacturers who created it were well-paid and focused on craftsmanship above everything else.

Regardless of whether you’ve been in a basement bar mosh pit or stood on a skateboard, you can appreciate the passion that Eat Dust’s pants, shirts, and jackets are crafted with, and the high-quality denim and fabrics they are created with. Eat Dust gear is built durably to sustain the rigors of a rough-and-tumble lifestyle, so get introduced to the brand, and watch as your long-lasting clothes grow in character over the years with you.



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