Surf is Dead

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If you thought modern-day, commercial surf culture was alive and well, think again. Surf is Dead, a Los Angeles-based surf brand, wants to change the way we perceive surf culture today by bringing back vintage West Coast motifs and styles—with a twist. 

Surf is Dead makes apparel that’s inspired by surfing and all things related to surf counterculture. Leave behind the sunny Surfin’ USA vibes, and welcome in Surf is Dead’s grittier, more tongue-in-cheek approach to surf apparel and accessories. Vibrant colors, bold images, and slightly off-beat graphic tees are the defining characteristics of this unorthodox brand. 

Surf is Dead doesn’t cater to the out-of-towner who wants to have a little slice of surf paradise in the form of a tee or hoodie. Instead, it skews more toward an ‘80s and ‘90s vintage look that hails to the good old days when only locals knew about the secret beach. Ride a new wave of fashion that brings back the good times and good vibes with Surf is Dead.



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