Imogene + Willie

Somewhere out there on a road less traveled is a rambling band of free-spirited travelers and wanderers finding freedom in the countryside and wide open spaces of this great land. Plucking the strings of a well-worn guitar in a slightly faded t-shirt and classic, high-quality jeans, the free spirit is welcome on the road as it is deep in the depths of America’s greatest cities. Alone on the plains or exploring the streets of Manhattan, the perfect pair of jeans can’t be beaten. With this in mind, Imogene and Willie has created their premium handcrafted line of denim, clothing, and accessories.

The South is synonymous with Americana. With roots in the bluegrass state of Kentucky and passion straight out of the cultural hub of Nashville, Imogene and Willie is equal parts southern charm and rich heritage. Taking the best parts of the past and blending them with modern style, Imogene and Willie's clothing can be dressed up or worn in the field, all without sacrificing even an ounce of style. The founders started hand making quality denim jeans out of a refurbished gas station in Nashville, and with an unwavering dedication to fit and quality, have expanded their line to include classic knit tees, trousers, jackets, women’s tops, and accessories.

Imogene and Willie is a brand now sought after from coast to coast, especially from today’s creatives, musicians, filmmakers, wanderers, and trendsetters. For those that are born to create, born to explore, and born to put their denim to the test, Imogene and Willie will become a staple. In a world of mass production and hype, relying on time-tested, classic apparel will come as a welcome reprieve for those that simply want to look good no matter the circumstances.