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The Nordic countryside is synonymous with sweeping landscapes, mesmerizing panoramas and rugged allure – a land of grand adventure and untamed wild, where the North Atlantic meets the icecaps of the Arctic. Tucked away within the Nordic’s natural places are progressive urban centers that foster some of todays most inspired creatives. Sandqvist is a shining example of the minimalistic yet detailed design that Scandinavia has become so well known for.

Sandqvist' line of daily bags and travel luggage was created to withstand the adverse conditions of the wilderness while still meeting the demands of the city. Made with impeccable craftsmanship and timeless design, Sandqvist is a favorite among the modern creative class. Through ethical manufacturing practices, community giving, and outdoor awareness pursuits, Sandqvist is living their motto of Urban Outdoor and doing so in an ethical way. Sandqvist bags and backpacks are made with sustainable and weather resistant materials, making them the perfect choice for both urban and off-road exploration. Packed with features that don't sacrifice style, Sandqvist is for the adventure seeker who values aesthetic.

Whether traveling the world or looking for a way to maximize daily rituals, Sandqvist is made for both worldly and local pursuits. Combining a passion for nature and culture, Sandqvist is leading the way for urban-inspired outdoor enthusiasts that are as alive in the city as they are in the wild.



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