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Many of us dream of a life off the grid. We dream of traveling far and wide, only land and sea dictating our direction. We look for small reprieves from the modern world, even when we can’t venture too far from our tethered realities. Some will find ways to spend months in the wild and some will break away for the occasional weekend, but regardless of ambitions, Biolite will continue to create sustainable energy solution for those who find themselves removed from the modern world.

From a cross-country road trip to a weekend camping excursion, Biolite has created a line of camp stoves, solar energy solutions, and camping lights that are built to be both functional and sustainable. When the founders of Biolite started working on their portable and easy to use camp stoves, they approached their designs with sustainability in mind. What they built were camping stoves, solar power energy sources, and camp lights that didn’t require fossil fuels to function. Being both sustainable and easy to pack, Biolite’s lightweight multi-use camping equipment is a perfect choice for today’s outdoor enthusiasts.

Modern technology has made it feasible to work from anywhere for a number of today’s professionals, and Biolite helps keep you on the road longer with their portable energy solutions. From portable solar panels to camping stoves that generate enough electricity to charge your personal devices, Biolite makes it possible to stay connected while on the road or in the field. With Biolite, you can continue to enjoy the modern conveniences of today's world while you proceed to explore life outside of walls.


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