Baxter of California

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Enjoying wild places is a favorite pastime for many of us; however, we have discovered that venturing into wild places doesn’t have to come at the sacrifice of style. For the modern explorer, urban and cultural pursuits are as important as anything we do outdoors, as striving for a balance of passions allows us to live well-rounded lives. Baxter of California was created for those that love to explore all facets of life and enjoy looking and feeling good while doing so.

Revolutionizing men's grooming products since their inception, Baxter has been a leader in the style and grooming industry since 1965. Baxter of California has developed a full line of men's grooming products that help you look your best whether you're exploring the city or returning to your office after a week in the woods. Travel time, days on the trail, and late nights of campfire dancing can all take a toll – Baxter of California is here to help your skin recover after being exposed to the elements.

From deodorant to hair care products, Baxter of California's products travels well and allow you to do the same. Their easy to pack men's grooming products are perfect for frequent travelers, whether for business or personal exploration. High-quality skin and hair care products are essential for the modern explorer, as damaging skin and hair can be a daily problem. Whether you explore land or sea, make sure you have the right care products to offset the damage of long days in the wild.



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