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Impossible Project

Our personal aesthetic is an important part of how we define ourselves. From the art we make to the clothes we wear, our style is defined by the choices we make in both our creative and personal lives. For many, reviving creative art forms is a central theme in their personal journeys.

Realizing that there was a creative class craving a medium that was quickly disappearing, Impossible Project launched their inspired line of instant film. For many Polaroid enthusiasts, this came as a breath of fresh air, as Polaroid stopped making its classic instant film in 2008. For those that sought the unique aesthetic that instant film provided, Impossible Project was a way for creatives to continue pursuing their art.

Impossible Project has become more than just an instant film and camera company, they have become a cultural gatekeeper, inspiring a new generation of photographers and image makers. Whether shooting with a vintage Polaroid or one of the Impossible Project newly developed cameras, you’ll surely be inspired by the amazing images you collect.

Make a zine, travel the world, and boldly create, as anything worth shooting will surely look brilliant and inspired on Impossible Project film. As we explore through the many avenues of expression, the images we take with us are often our connection to the past. With Impossible Project, you can capture life’s boldest moments and embrace the life’s wildest adventures, all with vivid style.