To continue in our best efforts of keeping our customers, employees and community healthy and safe, things might look a little different when you visit. We will be taking the below actions in our stores to create a safe shopping experience for everyone.

  • High contact areas around the store will be sanitized frequently
  • Employees will be wearing face mask and gloves 
  • We ask all customers to wear face masks covering their nose and mouth
  • Employees will be monitored for health
  • Social distance by maintaining 6ft apart from other persons
  • Store occupancy will be reduced & capacity to be monitored at the door as needed
  • Number of items taken into the dressing room will be limited to minimize contact
  • Dressing rooms are sanitized between each customer use
  • Garments tried on but not purchased will be set aside for a period of time before returning to the sales floor, handled items will be sanitized, and some items will only be available at the register
  • Plastic shields have been placed at the registers where social distancing is limited
  • Customer facing payment terminals and contactless payment options will be used with digital receipts

We are looking forward to having you shop with us in store! If you have any additional questions about our updated safety measures, please email us at



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