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VSSL is deeply committed to supplying resources and inspiration for those that seek epic adventures. As dedicated creative and adventure enthusiasts, the team at VSSL understands the severity of finding oneself without the essentials while exploring wild terrain. With this in mind, they have created a line of LED lights that function as both luminary devices and also feature multifunction tools and storage solutions to help assure that your next adventure goes off without a hitch.

When embarking on new journies and living out your wildest dreams, the innate drive to search and explore is at the core. Today’s adventure enthusiast can depend on high-quality and easy to use gear, and that makes every adventure a little easier. VSSL created a line of LED lights that are easy to pack, making them both road and trail ready. Not only are VSSL's camping lights functional and easy to use lighting solutions, they also function as multi-use storage and utility tools. With features like weather resistant pill storage, dry compartments, fire starting supplies, storage, first-aid, and compasses all packed into a modern flashlight, VSSL is the essence of multi-use.

Whether you're on the road for weeks or experiencing a power outage at home, VSSL is a compact solution for anyone that knows the value of being prepared. VSSL not only aimed to create a functional and lightweight adventure light, but they focused on minimal and timeless design, blending function and style. What transpired were multi-use utility tools that can be thrown into your backpack or displayed with pride on a bookshelf. For the modern adventure and creative enthusiast, VSSL is a viable light for when things get dark.



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