United by Blue

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Covering over 70% of our planet, oceans are an undeniably valuable part of every aspect of life on earth. In a world where it seems we are being constantly divided, United By Blue believes that the oceans and waterways that surround us also connect us. With this connection comes a shared responsibility of protecting our cherished waters. More than just a clothing brand, United By Blue, founded in 2010, grew from the idea that a successful outdoor brand could also do serious conservation work.

While this idea in and of itself isn’t revolutionary, the tangible impacts generated by United By Blue’s put its money where its proverbial mouth is. From hauling tires out of riverbeds to picking up plastic bottles at the beach, United By Blue pledges to remove one pound of trash from the world’s oceans for every product sold. Through company organized cleanups and a full line of responsible, durable products, United By Blue has shown the world, even with massive growth, that they can stay true to their original mission and goals.

It’d be one thing if United By Blue was just a non-profit organization geared around environmental conservation, but the fact they are able to balance lofty goals while simultaneously creating stylish, functional and sustainable goods puts them in a whole new category. United By Blue, along with a handful of other certified B-Corp companies, is quickly demonstrating that it’s possible, and profitable, to be both for-profit and for the environment while creating high-quality products in the process.



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