Stan Ray

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Simple isn’t always synonymous with boring. By the same token, minimal doesn’t always mean plain. When done right, these two concepts create an avenue for innovation and creativity in design that isn’t over or understated, but sits perfectly in the middle. A simple and clean silhouette leaves room for interpretation, nuance, and an ownership of your signature style.  

Stan Ray celebrates these characteristics by elevating the simple, the straightforward, the honest pieces of clothing, that eventually become trusted wardrobe staples over the years. Born and bred in the heart of Texas, their slogan, “Tried and true since 1972”, gives a nod to the hardworking Americana mindset that still presides in this Southern state today. They have a no-frills attitude and approach to design, as per the original founder and Texan, Earl Beard, who sewed durable workwear for laborers in the 70s. However, Stan Ray has grown into a brand that creates pieces for both wear and movement, and to honor their industrious legacy, “with minimum fuss and maximum practicality.”

While Stan Ray’s brand embodies the spirit of Texas, it has evolved by stepping into a broader scope of fashion and cultural influences that reach as far as the city of London. The modern iteration of Stan Ray features premium materials and more technical designs that allow it to remain on the precipice of old and new — contemporary workwear-inspired clothing that feels nostalgic and in step with today’s culture all at once.  

Whether it’s a hoodie or a timeless pair of Painter Pants, Stan Ray remains true to its Texan roots of making sincere clothing that’s durable, all-purpose, and honest.



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