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When you plan several adventures and activities, the list of gear is costly and traveling with all of it is impossible. In the case of a towel, you can buy a towel for yoga, another for the beach, a third for camping, and you have to decide which one fits the bill for all the other activities.

Nomadix identified the needs that exist across many activities and developed a single high-performing product that works across the board – so you’re ready for any opportunity.

Their Travel Towel is a multi-purpose solution to this problem. It is a top of the line yoga towel, a beach towel, a camp towel, and it’s your first choice for any road trip. You do not need three or four different towels, you just need one. Problem solved. #alwaysbringatowel

The environmental footprint of the products that we buy will have an impact on our planet that lasts longer than we will. It’s our responsibility as a generation to commit to sustainable solutions that will do more good than harm, leaving the planet better of than previous generations.

Nomadix' approach is two-fold. Their ethos is “Own less. Do more.” They want customers to purchase only long-lasting, environmentally-friendly products that they can use for more than one activity. This allows you to unburden yourself from material possessions, and free your time and money for activities, and a richer life.

Second, they will produce products in the most sustainable way possible, and pledge to promote this philosophy to their partners. Nomadix towels are made from certified recycled material to make sure we use existing resources, instead of harvesting new resources from the planet.



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