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There is a simplicity and elegance associated with bygone eras. As modern culture and adventure enthusiasts, we can be inspired by and admire classic design and minimalism. However, we are in a time of unrivaled innovation and progression that when combined with timeless design can create beautifully crafted products. Linus not only understands this – they perfect it with a line of sought after bicycles.

Each Linus is a work of art, their bikes ideal for an occasional cruise or a daily commute. Linus created its line based on an appreciation for the stylish cruisers of the 1950’s and 60’s, crafting timeless and minimally designed bicycles and accessories that are infused with modern amenities. European detailing, high-quality materials, and affordability are combined to create a bike that looks as good it rides.

Utilitarian and perfect for the city or countryside, Linus is a simple choice for anyone who wants a cruiser that perfectly marries function and aesthetic. Enjoy commuting or casual bike rides without sacrificing style with Linus’ line of modern bicycles. Built with impeccable craftsmanship and minimalist design, Linus makes every bike in their line for those looking to enjoy the ride.



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