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Your life is not binary. You don’t exist solely as either an outdoor explorer or a city-dweller–you can be both at once, and Lander was created with that dualistic reality in mind. Founded on the outer reaches of the Wasatch Range, Lander designs bags and accessories meant to endure the harshest environments and abuse, while still sporting a sleek, modern style that would look as at home on the streets of Manhattan as they do in the Rocky Mountains.

Birthed a few years ago to help bridge the gaps between the outdoors, technology and style. Tired of seeing countless brands market accessories that were slapped together with bulky plastic and marketed as “outdoor editions,” the company was founded on the principle of intentional design. They wanted to create expedition-inspired accessories that were designed by, well, explorers.

With an emphasis on lightweight and durability, Lander accessories are highly functional and meant for everything from urban living to off-grid adventures. They’re meant to help you take your tech everywhere, for the digital nomad who wants to work from some remote break. For the weekend warrior who wants to walk out of the office and onto a muddy trail come Friday afternoon, and never have to worry about the bag on their back withstanding the elements.

Lander is the intersection of design and fashion, of style and substance, of toughness and elegance. It is, simply put, gear made modern.



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