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Shopping for body care products can be intimidating for men, especially when confronted with exuberant, under-clothed Abercrombie greeters and ritzy, un-relatable corporate commercials. After being accused of smelling like cheap drugstore deodorant, two Southern California surfers embarked on a journey to re-imagine men’s body care in a way that would be better for both humans and the earth. In the discovery process, they created Journeyman.

From parabens to aluminum powder, there are a lot of weird chemicals packed into typical deodorant that have been found to be harmful to people and the environment. Journeyman sought to create premium products using modern fragrances distilled from natural ingredients, using simple formulas and keeping production in the USA all the while. Using natural elements like aloe vera, witch hazel, organic chamomile and essential oils to keep you fresh, Journeyman creates enticing scents for every product in your dopp kit. With a traditional stick and a spray on deodorant, Journeyman has been able to transform an overlooked product into a better daily essential.

With a subtle, yet masculine feel, Journeyman products can be used everyday and will become a part of your regular routine. Try out an alternative that your local drugstore probably doesn’t carry and take a step towards better respecting your body – with a cypress and cedar smoke scent that lasts all day, you and those around you will definitely notice a pleasant difference. 


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