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It’s easy to realize that technology plays an integral part in our lives nowadays. Whether for work or for play, our computers, cameras, phones and tablets rarely leave our sides. Whereas quality tech protection and stylish accessories are easy to come by on their own, combining those traits into a product that enhances life’s adventures can be more challenging. Born with a desire to create high-quality, lasting products for modern living, HEX set out to set a new standard for everyday carry accessories that functioned as well as they looked.

Pushing boundaries and innovating weren’t new ideas for HEX founders Dan Maravilla and Trent Valladares. In their early years, music brought the duo together and helped them to begin their journey of thinking outside the box. Inspired by an eclectic fusion of alternative, jazz, funk, soul and rock, Dan & Trent discovered the importance of harmony and balance. Always on the hunt for something different, the pair founded HEX in 2010, pulling from their shared experience in fashion to create a company that equally valued function and style.

The importance of premium materials, textures, and finishing are all designed into the DNA of HEX, as is a focus on innovation and a drive to develop products that function as well as they look. By sourcing premium quality materials and considering the balance between technology and fashion, HEX continues to bring forth true innovation. With a line of bags, duffels, phone cases and accessories designed to protect and enhance everyday technology, HEX looks for its products to serve as a complement to modern life.



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