Give Back to the Outdoors

We partnered with our friends @alex.haraus and @rachelnicolephoto to create a guide filled with apparel and gear from brands that give back to the environment. We want to encourage paying this holiday season forward to the planet that gives us so much.

The desire to “be alone in the wild” is becoming more popular and a goal rendered harder and harder to achieve as populations grow larger and the effects from climate change and historical mismanagement of natural resources tighten their hold. Climate change now affects every ecosystem on earth, and the mere fact that we are within a place’s borders means that we are impacting it. Because of this, treading lightly and consciously when enjoying the outdoors is more important than ever. It ensures the survival of the ecosystems, safety of other visitors, and enjoyment by generations to come.

The act of treading consciously is lifelong and applies to every facet of our lives; including what we purchase. When purchasing, remember to ask yourself, “will the person I’m buying this for actually use this for a long time? Do they actually need it? Should I buy several things, or is less enough, even if ‘less’ is nothing?” Just another way to tread lightly on the world we all depend on!



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