Horse Brand EDC Utility Tool
product: Horse Brand Edc Utility Tool product: Horse Brand Edc Utility Tool product: Horse Brand Edc Utility Tool
Horse Brand

EDC Utility Tool

The Horse EDC Utility Tool is based off a traditional Japanese style utility knife called the Kiridashi.  It has a safety chisel bevel that ends with a flat 1/64 edge.  This allows you to carry it in your pocket or on your keychain safely without worry of poking or cutting.  We use it as a box opener, pry tool, scraper, scribe and admire it as a genuinely beautiful object.  With its geometric angles and a soft tumbled surface, it feels great in the hand.

Cut from the same 52100 High carbon blade steel used in Horse's knives, this little guy packs a punch.  Heat treated for maximum toughness at 58C Rockwell, it will virtually never wear out.  

It can also be honed down to a razor sharp edge for cutting leather, wood, cardboard or used as a general purpose silly sharp tool.

Each tool is made 100% in house.  Horse stamps the face of the tool with the HORSE logo using a 10-ton hydraulic press.  Each opener is drilled and has a chamfered through hole that easily slides on your key chain. After the heat treatment process, they go into the stone tumbler and then are finished by hand.    

Not only is this a super functional tool, it's a beautiful object that compliments your key ring.  It will take a beautiful patina over time.  The oils from your hand and the buffing from the cloth in your pocket allow it to be carefree. Take it with you wherever your adventures take you.

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Dims: 1/8" x 1 x 1.5"


52100 High carbon blade steel


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