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Gifts for Concert Goers

For the music devotee committed to seeing their favorite band and in support of their local venue. Wether they walk down the street or travel miles to make it to the show, they are both dedicated and appreciative of what music can do for the soul.  From photographers, creatives, musicians and pure fans alike, live music can make you feel things and that experience for most, can stoke your inner fire. Nothing beats being surrounded by your friends and fellow music lovers while overcome with a wave of emotion.

To help us with this gift collection, we partnered with our friends over at @emptybottle, a legendary music venue in Chicago with hole-in-the-wall bar vibes, cheap drinks and tickets, and good people who know how to put on a great show.  With good times and loud music in mind, scope all the gift tips from the Empty Bottle boys in Chicago and read the Gifts for Concert Goers guide to give the live music lover on your list a little extra tinder to keep their flame burning.