Full Windsor

Full Windsor is based out of Eagle Rock, California. Bootstrapped and crowdfunded their way into existence, and are still 100% founder owned and operated. We support that.  With the founding principle that design, innovation and sustainability should be at the heart of everything they do, Full Windsor has created some of the most unique and sustainable outdoor products in the eatery catagory. The only thing that we wish they would do... make more award winning products. Every one so far has been incredible.


HAND WASH ONLY. We recommend only hand washing your Magware to keep them in pristine condition. Some high strength dishwasher detergents/tablets can affect Magware's anodized finish. When handwashing, use mild strength detergents to clean your Magware. DO NOT use detergents marked platinum, titanium, powerwash or any other strong grease removing detergents.

There is a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all Full Windsor products.

Can I join multiple sets of Magware together?
Yes, Magware was specifically designed so you can join as many sets together as needed.

Is Magware easy to clean?
Yes, Magware's hard anodized coating makes them extremely easy to clean.

How strong are Magware's magnets?
They are similar in strength to that of a strong fridge magnet (they too can be stuck to a fridge). They have a satisfying magnetic pull when joining together.

Can I take Magware on a plane in my carry on luggage?
Magware's spoon and fork are ok to take as carry on, but we advise against taking Magware's knife as it can sometimes be confiscated by TSA. Here is the TSA information page for further reference.

Is Magware easy to bend?
No, Magware is made from   7075-T6 aluminum. This is the strongest grade of aluminum and has a better strength to weight ratio than grade 2 titanium.

Will Magware's hard anodized finish wear off?
Not for a long time, if cared for properly. Like anything, Magware is subject to wear and tear, and if scratched constantly the anodization will start to wear over time. Magware is made from 100% food safe grade aluminum, so even if Magware's anodized coating starts to wear, it is still safe to use.


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