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Curator is a line of clothing designed and produced in San Francisco by two best friends of over twenty-five years. Fifteen of those years were spent operating a business side by side. Every single day, Curator’s founders incorporate the values of friendship into their decision-making process. Honesty, respect, commitment and humor play a huge role in how they do business. From the employees they hire to the contractors they work with, Curator’s founders evaluate each decision based on shared ethics and the potential of longevity.

Curator obsesses over fit, wearing and testing samples for months to ensure an item’s reliability in your lives. They make the workhorses of your wardrobe to stand up to the rugged requirements of daily life. Curator does not use traditional fit models, but rather tries each garment on several women of different sizes. Their retail stores function as a lab for new development and fit.

 Curator’s team is involved every step of the production process. That’s why 90% of their line is made within 3 miles of the brand headquarters. The founders know each seamstress on a first name basis and are constantly in the factories checking on items and experiencing the environment that clothes are made in. Domestic mills knit, wash and dye all goods. The money that goes into each piece of clothing goes back into the local economy and America’s garment industry.

Where is rest made? 10% of the Curator line is made in Pennsylvania at a 100-year-old family-run mill that both knits the yarn and sews the tops in one facility. They belong to the small guard of mills still operating in that region. Using vertically integrated facilities cuts down on waste and makes working a little further from home possible. Curator is grateful to partner with these facilities to create a unique line of clothing.





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