Cassea Swim

Cassandra spent time traveling, and grew to love the heart of our planet - the ocean. Coast to coast, Cassandra was making waves with her chic twists on the ‘average bikini’. It was never just a bikini to her, it’s an outfit, a photograph, a day’s worth of looking and feeling confident.

As an empowering young woman, with a lust for life, and an intense love for the sea, Cassandra knew that her style was infectious - and thus was born ‘Cassea Swim’. Cass packed her bags and moved across the US, and started tirelessly working on her vision. Sketches, presentation outlines, finding quality materials and suppliers - finally her dreams were coming to fruition.

With the highest quality fabrics and nostalgic prints, our attention to detail is seen from sewing to sand. Our mission is to give you the most confident and comfortable feeling, no matter where you are in the world, or what you look like - Cassea Swim is for you.

Good Materials

Using ECONYL fabric, which is a type of regenerated nylon made from waste from landfills and oceans. Going beyond the basic recycling process, ECONYL uses regeneration, guaranteeing that the new fabric goes hand in hand with virgin raw nylon — meaning ECONYL has like-new qualities and can be infinitely recycled and recreated into new products.

Regenerated nylon is made from pre and post-consumer waste. Things like fishing nets from oceans, fabric scraps from mills, old carpets destined for landfills and other nylon waste.


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