Caffe Vita Coffee

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Though there’s one particular coffee company consistently in the spotlight for its global efforts, there are dozens of other roasters who helped make Seattle the coffee epicenter of the world. One of the longest running and most respected is Caffe Vita. Roasting coffee in Seattle since 1995, Caffe Vita is an independent, locally owned institution based in Seattle’s popular Capital Hill neighborhood. With nine cafes in the Pacific Northwest, a roastery and cafe in New York City, and an additional cafe in Los Angeles, Caffe Vita has expanded beyond its birthplace and into the cups of coffee connoisseurs from coast to coast.

A leader in the Farm Direct movement, Caffe Vita meticulously sources the best beans it can while building long-term, mutually fruitful relationships with coffee growers in more than 11 countries around the world. While many fine coffee roasters call it quits after sourcing the best beans, it’s the exceptional roasters that take it a step further. Coffee agriculture can be one of the most damaging types of farming, resulting in countless acres of lost rainforests each year due to the industrial techniques required in the process. To mitigate this, Caffe Vita and other similar roasters work with and invest in farmers committed to sustainable practices.

Vita believes that by creating an environment where customers can see, touch and taste the coffee they purchase, it can provide a unique learning opportunity and allow the product to speak for itself. Luckily, you don’t have to visit a coffee shop to get a taste of Vita these days. Whether you’re a Northwest ex-pat fiending for a taste of home or you’ve become accustomed to the passable brew at your local gas station, Caffe Vita beans are always fresh, imported directly from the farm, and roasted on-site to perfection. When you first open that bag and the delicious scent fills your nostrils, remember that those beans were farmed sustainably by a responsible farmer and roasted with care by some of the best in the game.