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Along the winding roads and mountain passes of the great American West, you’ll find independent craftsmen that signify freedom and self-reliance. This spirit was the driving force behind Burnley Knives and its innovative and utilitarian handcrafted pocket and fixed blade knives.

Lucas Burnley began making knives in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2001. Lucas’ early years were spent living in a bus with his family traveling the highways of North and South America. He was raised throughout National Park campgrounds, beaches of Mexico, and jungles of Guatemala. Friendships and alliances were made within short-term spans, and plans lasted until the bus pulled out. He surfed when he was by the beach, he hiked when he was in the mountains, and he rode his BMX bike everywhere in between.

Burnley Knives ultimately began as a way for Lucas to imagine and create the knives that he would have wanted on his belt as a kid. For over a decade, Lucas has worked alongside some of the most iconic knife makers in the world and has built his reputation as an exclusive, high-end, custom knife maker.

An extension of his signature line, BRNLY by Burnley Knives is Lucas’ playground to explore new products and collaborations outside of his limited-availability custom knives. Run by a husband and wife team, BRNLY by Burnley Knives strives to deliver the highest-quality knives, tools, and accessories that aim to excite your inner child and make day-to-day tasks and adventures more enjoyable.



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