Bop Street Records

The LPs you see above have been carefully selected and vetted by Bop Street Records, located in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Founded in 1974, Bop Street is recognized among the top record stores in America by The Wall Street Journal ("One of the 5 best stores") and USA Today ("One of the 10 great stores"). Each of these LPs is an original or early pressing and is a vibrant example of its musical genre.

Bop Street hand-picked these selections, then carefully vetted each visually for imperfections under their store's highly revealing lighting, made from rare-earth minerals. Then, each record was subjected to a play-test on advanced audio equipment to make sure it meets Bop Street's exacting standards. Only those LPs that survive this gauntlet of visual and audio examination are qualified by Bop Street for sale at Wayward or in their store.

Finally, the records are washed on professional record-cleaning machines and encased in custom-made audiophile sleeves to preserve the vinyl's qualities. The results of this time-intensive process are LPs in their original or early pressings that reveal the authentic life-like musical performance each of these superb artists truly intended.