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BLK Pine Workshop

Rooted in the simplicity of modern minimalism, BLK Pine Workshop crafts timeless pieces for today's creative class. Designed and constructed in the Pacific Northwest, BLK PINE is a reflection of the progressive landscape the brand is immersed in. Using high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship, BLK Pine Workshop has created a line of home and travel goods that will resonate with those who hold quality and aesthetic in high regards.

Whether exploring local or far-flung environments, BLK Pine's line of American made travel bags, backpacks and totes are as durable as they are stylish. Designed and made in Seattle, a city as known for its creative culture as it is for its inclement weather, BLK Pine focuses on creating functional and fashion-forward goods for use while traveling or at home. Today’s creative and adventure enthusiasts value simplicity and timeless style, holding on to the less is more mentality – an ethos that is prevalent among those that place value over trend.

BLK Pine Workshop creates a diverse range of products that are meant to last. Instead of focusing on fast moving trend cycles, BLK Pine focuses on a blend of classic and contemporary that is multi-seasonal. When you invest in a piece from BLK Pine Workshop, you are investing in something that will carry you through a multitude of life’s adventures. For today's creative and adventure seeker that values minimalism and timeless style, BLK Pine Workshop will quickly become a favorite brand.



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