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It’s easy to take for granted where the shirt on your back or hoodie in your closet came from. Today’s market is saturated with clothing primarily produced in inefficient, harsh work environments failing to meet many standards. That’s where Alternative Apparel comes in. Since 1995, Alternative Apparel has been on a mission to re-create the soft, lived-in look and feel of a classic vintage tee, but in a sustainable and responsible way.

By starting with authentic basics with timeless style, and creating wardrobe staples with modern silhouettes that balance simplicity and style, Alternative innovates from thread to finish. As a fabric-first brand, Alternative thinks about more than the finished product; it thinks about every stage of a product’s life cycle, including the materials sourced and processes used to create it. Committed to sustainability and defined by its ability to create products responsibly, over 70% of Alternative’s products are made with sustainable materials and processes, a number they plan to increase.

It’s one thing to create an environmentally friendly piece of apparel, but another to create one that is comfortable, durable and will remain in rotation for a long time to come. Whether you’re all about clean, simple fashion, or happen to find an Alternative label inside the collar of your favorite brands’ tee, it will be comforting to know it was made by a brand with conscious values. Not only is Alternative re-thinking the basics for supplier relations, it is forcing a world full of customers to redefine its standards for clothing production.


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