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It All Started At The Sink. Chris was a simple man who loved his reusable bottle, but smelly residue from water and smoothies collected on the inside too quickly. Armed with dish soap and futuristic scrub brushes, he couldn’t loosen the bacteria from the bottle. He needed something that made living sustainably simple. Resilient and thirsty, Chris grabbed his hacksaw. From a shower of metal filings, and eraser crumbs, Clean Seam Technology was invented and ALEX was born.

From snowboarding to starting their own company, the team behind Alex found that nature has always been at the heart of their work and play. By creating intentional products that make living sustainably simple, Alex is able to focus on a real mission of empowering others to live the life of their dreams. That’s why the name ALEX stands for Always Live Extraordinarily.

Extraordinary means something different to everyone. For the Alex team, it's been about appreciating what they have right now, enjoying the business they've created, and making time to get outside. While it's a work in progress and they don't always succeed at it, they believe that small everyday actions add up to an extraordinary life. 



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